About Us

The 04 Clan was founded By Luke Marley (LM 2000) and Taylor Cook (The Tayz). In December 2014 Luke started a new channel known as LM 2000 to make his gaming videos, then in March 2016 he created a sketch comedy YouTube channel known as The 03 Clan, eventully in 2016 Taylor created his channel known as The Tayz which the two would crossover into eachothers videos, a few weeks later Luke and Taylor started talking about an animated sit com idea which would be known as "Cheltenham". 

During summer 2017 Luke and Taylor started talking about making a channel together, so they spent a few months deciding on stuff like what to call it aand what they would do, eventully they decided to name is after "The 04 Clan" named after Lukes previous channel "The 03 Clan".

Currently Luke and Taylor have made the artwork, made logos, made T-Shirts and filmed a Trailer Parody Video, they hope to soon make as many videos as possible.